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About Us

Hi Friends!

We hope you like our website! We are Hollis & Bill Ledbetter. Hollis is a Real Estate Agent here in Georgia. She is also a Grief/Loss Certified Counselor. Hollis also wrote and published a really great cookbook for newbies called,

"Oh My Gosh! I'm In College And I Never Learned to Cook".

It's really for anyone who does not know how to cook, not just college students. It starts off really basic, like how to buy fish, use two cutting boards for safety, how to measure, what 'staple items' are and things that a person needs to know before they even try to cook. 

Writing this cookbook led her to an idea to have a site devoted to kitchen Furniture. Bill, who just happens to have three decades in the office furniture business and was an executive and corporate owner. Bill has contacts all over the world and in the USA to help manage the delivery of furniture. Some times it requires a 'White Glove Service" and other times it can be delivered via UPS or FedEx but either way; he will advise you on the best methods to meet your needs.  

Welcome to The Right Buy 4 Style and we look forward to helping you have the most Practical and Beautiful kitchen!

Hollis & Bill